• Jill Lurie, LCSW

Asking for help

It’s very rare to get through a lifetime without experiencing a “mental health” issue of some sort. It might be due to a difficult relationship, a death, a career struggle, a divorce, a move to a new city or state. Life is constantly changing and we’re not always on board with or happy about those changes. Often we are dragged into them kicking and screaming. Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees and suddenly we feel trapped in a very difficult situation. Friends and family might empathize and try to offer their best advice, but can they really be unbiased in their judgements? This is the point where finding a trained professional counselor makes the most sense. Someone who has only your best interest at heart. Someone who is ethically committed to confidentiality. Someone who has no ties to the others in your life. Change your life -- make the call.

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