• Jill Lurie, LCSW

New Year Relationship Update

2018 is finally here! In some ways, that means a clean slate for your life and your relationships. Maybe it's time to get over that grudge you've been holding against that person who wronged you way back when. Holding anger only does damage to your body, so it's really you who will benefit by forgiving and moving on to a better place. Or maybe you want to reach out to a friend you've lost track of but have been thinking about lately. If it feels hard to make that first move, try visualizing the smile on your friend's face when they realize how important they are to you! Finally, reflect on your closest relationships and how you've been talking to your loved ones. Have you been impatient, angry, or argumentative with them? Now is a great time to start becoming more conscious of your words and your tone. Thinking before you speak can make a world of difference. Even if your partner has forgotten to take out the garbage for the umpteenth time, give it a break, and ask nicely one more time. You'll be happy you did and you won't feel so much like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas!

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